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Just received my shipment of ice-cube relays and what was supposed to be a new Klima. The latter was a fuel pump relay so the Klima is now being shipped tomorrow.

So, I took the next step and wired the ice-cube the correct (thanks) way. As you guys already knew, it worked. YES!!! Cold air again!!!

Thanks for the suggestion of the strap wrench for holding the compressor clutch plate (not certain if that is the actual name). One of my boys heard me say something like, "what a dumb sh_t I am" and asked what was up. I told him what you suggested and he agreed with my self assessment. He took it one step more by reminding me that I usually do a better job thinking of things than McGuiver. Guess the frustration was taking its toll.

I am hoping that I'll have access enough to check the air gap since I am not equipped to remove the compressor.

With patience I'll be able to get the Klima back in and working as it was designed. Keep you posted.

PS Don't know if either of you happened to see my stringtrimmer line lodged in the sunroof post or not. While using the line to clean my rear drain tubes I got the line lodged tighter than tight in the rails of the sunroof. That was a couple weeks ago. I tackled removing the sunroof lining for the first time this morning and was eventually able to free the line. Now I just need to read how to adjust the micro and/or clutch stops. I tried for awhile with the white knob near the motor and that seems to be the way to do it (used a 3mm wire in the hole). Not quite correct yet but closer.

Thanks again guys. The cold air seems great.
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