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Actually these results have to be taken with a grain of salt as the machine thinks the car was a 2.3L 4 cylinder. I watched the tach as they were running the test and there was no way that the rpms were as high as they indicate on the report. For the 15 mph test, the tach was reading about 1700 rpm. I don't know how much of the readings would be affected by this "error". I had to wait for one car to be tested and I let the car idle during this time. So the cat was warm at best for the 15mph test. But they did have to stop the test and let the car sit and idle for 180 seconds so running the idle at 2K likely wouldn't have helped much. They did run the fan infront of the car but the temp guage was sitting at 100C. For a catalytic converter with 115K....I'm happy with the NOx results. The last test run two years ago was not performed on the dyno and just an idle and high idle test. If those results will help in your data collection I can post them as well.
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