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If they type in the wrong displacement, it would have no impact on measured emissions, but might affect the test weight and emission limit.

Most VINs are now bar coded onto the registration form, and when scanned will show correct data for the engine because there is an engine code in the VIN field.

Yes, I would like you to post the two-speed no load test numbers from two years ago.

Also, what is the "test weight" and "VLT record #" on your report from the recent test. These are in the data field at the top of the test report.

The catalyst cools off at idle, so while waiting you are best off to keep the revs at 2000 with the A/C on and widows open to keep as much load on the engine as possible. Based on my IR gun measurements, the converter inlet surface temp cools off several hundred degrees after five minutes of idling, after driving the car in normal urban traffic.

With an auto trans the engine might still be in first gear during the 15 MPH test, which has higher relative load the the 25 MPH test, which is likely in second gear. Thus, with and auto trans the revs at both speed will be close to the same.

The load is programmed into the test software based on vehicle weight and aerodynamic characteristics. Though the test is run at steady speed, the load is greater than required to maintain a the steady speed on a level road. That's why the test is called "acceleration simulation mode". It's essentiall yequivalent to going up a hill at steady speed.

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