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benz;; i got my ovp relay from the benz dealer- around $80 total --could have ordered it but time was of the essence. it has 1- 10 amp fuse on the top of it, and has 5 prongs, whereas the original one had 4. the parts guy said it was the correct replacement part, and he was correct. the holder looks like it has 6 holes in it. the ABS light on this car never came on---and its not on now. the braking is good, but i have a feeling that the light is out in the dash. its one of those things you never notice until there is trouble, and i dont recall the light ever coming on when you first crank the car, as a check. it doesnt come on now when i just turn the ignition on---all the others do light up. I know the ovp problems is usually ID'ed by the ABS light, but in my case i think my "signalman" is dead. nevertheless, this seems to have fixed this problem--i have been driving the car as much as possible since i fixed it, looking for trouble, and it hasnt shown itself (YET!!!). To remove this thing, you just reach in the right side kick panel above the fusebox on this car, and pull it out. mine was kind of tight , and i wiggled it a little. I havent tried to figure out why the abs light is out, and i think i have to take the dash out. I hope this helps. good luck.
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