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I posted how to do this a month or so ago. Lift the rear of the car. Place a floor jack (if you have one) under the lower control arm to support it. Take out the 1 nut and bolt (the side away from the wheel). It wont come slamming down because it's supported by the jack. You will have to play with the jack hight in order to wiggle the bolt out. When the bolt comes out, lower the jack. The control arm will eventually stop and not come down on its own. By now, you should be able to wiggle the spring out. The shock dosent need to come out. If the spring needs an inch or so more before it will come out, pull down on the controll arm. Now, put your pad on the new spring (make sure you put the pad on right). Stick the new spring in the support at the top of the spring well on the car. With the pad on, the spring SHOULD hang there. Slowly jack the jack and control arm back up. You wont need to apply to much pressure as the new spring is shorter and dosent have to be compressed that much AT ALL in order to put the control arm bolt in. Tighten it back up, and do the other side. THats it! Now...people have complained that this may not be "safe" or something. Look, use your head, go slowly, and place the jack under the control arm in a strategic point and you'll be just fine. I accomplished both rear springs (H&R) in under 20 minutes.

Good Luck.....Peter
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