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The site doesn't list the VLT #s - just has that explanation of what it means.

I sometimes think there are more emission tests run with errors than error free. I've had a few discussions with the BAR about this being as how they consistently misidentify my Cosworth Vega, and the DMV refuses to apply the proper engine code to the VIN. GM assigned the alphabet character "O". DMV refuses to change it from numeric "0".

The 3125 test weight sounds about right if it really was a 2.3. They use the EPA certification weights, which are subdivided into 125 pound increments.

Scanning the VIN from the bar code should pull the proper data from the VLT, including engine size, but errors still seem to crop up, and the reason is not clear to me.

I would suggest that you double check the VIN on the registration form to the actual VIN placard behind the windshield. There could be an error in the engine code. The VIN has 14 characters so errors are probably not that uncommon.

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