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Wow - if that was diesel that went into your petrol tank, SKY, drink lots of premium beer coz you're gonna have a big headache whichever way you gonna think.

Look at it from another angle, it could have been diesel instead of Regular fuel ...

ps. This reminded me of my friend's daughter who had the liberty to drive his car one weekend. Thinking she was doing her dad a favour by filling 'er up, she went to the kiosk and was confronted with 3 choices : premium, regular, and diesel.

As this was her first time doing a fill-er-up, and its self-service, she thought that the fuel marked "diesel" was on sale!

No second guesses why:
1. she learnt which fuel to use;
2. the car refused to start (lucky it wasnt the other way round 'wise the car would have been blown to bits);
3. she was grounded till she knew how to maintain a car, which includes filling it with THE RIGHT fuel, and checking for the essential fluids;
4. her dad was mad; and
5. had his mechanic was laughing all the way to the bank.

pps. so SKY, it aint that bad.

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