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We just finished installing the engine, drivetrain, and computers (no
ASR) from a 1995 C36 into our 1988 300TE.

However, above 20MPH the ABS light comes on. We have narrowed down the
problem to the number of teeth in the front hubs (400E) is about double
that of those from a C-class hub.

Our two options see to be:

1) replace front hubs with ones from a C36 IF THEY FIT;
2) replace 1995 W202 C36 ABS computer with a 1995 W124 E320 wagon
computer (schematics show pin-for-pin compatibility).

However, I noticed that diff in a 1988 300TE is different from 1995 E320
Will this be a problem? I know people have changed out their diff's to
high-numerical ones (e.g, 1988 300TE is 3.27) without changing the ABS computer.

Thanks in advance,

:-) neil
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