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I still have 2-3 Frantz Filters in my basement and did not know that they were still being sold. I would like to talk to a dealer about putting one or both on my diesels.

Had 1 on a 1973 Camaro that I sold with 235,000 miles (350 engine). Never an engine problem and it did not burn oil but I thought that at that mileage, it would soon develope problems and got rid of it. Saw it 2-3 years later on the street and still running. I did change the oil though in addition to the filter. The oil was always black and that worried me until the dealer told me that the color was due to scorching of the parafin in the oil. Whatever it was, it Never seemed to hurt anything. The toilet paper never broke down over the years either. I was worried about that too but it never happened.

Another filter was on the transmission of a 1972 Chev Malibu. Never had any transmission problems or engine problems either but did not keep it 200,000 miles.

The third filter was from a garage sale and I don't know if it is jetted for an engine or transmission.

Toilet paper is hard to find in that size nowadays. Most rolls are too small but I think that Scott Tissue looks to be the same size as always.

Frantz used to have diagrams that showed where to hook up the filters but I don't know if they are still in business.
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