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From what I can gather from reading through your thread, you did a retrofit of the '95 E320 head light assembly into your '90 300E? That would mean you would require 55/60W H4 bulbs for your low/high beam, and 55W H3 bulbs for your fog lights. The '94/'95 head light assembly are the same as the Euro head lights in terms of the fact that BOTH are encased within a single glass housing. However, the reflectors in the Euro headlights as well as the etching on the glass allow for a highly patterned beam that looks like ___/ when you fully align the two sides. This seems to be the common set up between BMW and M-B for Euro head lights. The reflector in '94/'95 North American M-B's disperse light across the road evenly, sorta like a flood light, with no definable pattern other than a big circular area in front of your car that is lighted up. I've never had a problem with it, although Vancouver is very well lit at night. However, I am confused as to how you actually did the retrofit? Did you actually have to replace your entire hood/grille in order to fit the lights? I am lookin' at the head light assembly for pre-'94 vs. '94+, and it seems the inner edge of the light assembly are different in order to accomodate for the enlarged grille in the pre-'94 case, and for the protruding grille frame that is a part of the actual hood in the '94+ models. If you like superwhite bulbs, I recommend the Raybrig Magnum White.

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