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Tracy and Bill,
I guess I feel better now. Your posts and a note from Randy Steele @ reassured me that mine was not an unusual fate. :-)
It was MB's part that broke after six weeks of service. For $2180 back in December it should have lasted a bit longer, don't you think?
According to the service writer at MB in Belevue, the dealership is alotted X number of dollars per month by the factory for rental cars, depending on their volume of new car sales and service work.. I guess that jibes with what you say, Tracy.
I sell parts, too. Electrical parts. So I'm familiar with the routine. If I gave my customers vague answers as to delivery of product, it wouldn't take long before I had no questions to answer! Thank God I'm in manufacturing. The retail portion of business gets worse every year. Who says 7% un-employment is a bad thing.
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