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Tranny Question or Troubles

Greetings All,

Just a few quick questions about the tranny on a 1980 300TD SW. Seems like when letting the tranny do it's own work in D it shifts from a stand still 2nd to 3rd then to 4th before 40mph This can't be right, can it? It's all linkage driven from what I can see, and I've adjusted that. Shifting it manually seems to be different. It stays in 1st if you put the selector in the "L" range until you put it into S then it seems to shift 2nd and 3rd gear almost together then after shifting to D it shifts immediately to 4th. Any clues to my problem? Is there a way to adjust the bands on this tranny? If so please let me know. Shouldn't the tranny downshift automatically while climbing a hill in 4th gear, or is the only way to initiate it is to floor it to the downshift switch? I always thought it should sense pressure or something and do it on it's own. I have already adjusted the linkage from the throttle to the tranny, so that shouldn't be causing the problem. Do these trannys start out in 2nd gear from a dead stop if you don't manually leave it in "L"




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