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I am using the Jacob's Omni-Magnum and thier 8mm silicon spark plug wire set.
I would like to hear from someone who has changed the OEM coil to a higher turns ratio one such as a Mallory or Excell.
I don't know what your concern is about the cap and rotor?
My W124030 with the 103.983 engine is 13 years old and has 172,000 miles with the original cap and rotor.
I inspect it every year and it is still OK. No carbon tracks or worn contact surfaces. Some luck huh?
I must be blessed with an exceptional 300E, for it just keeps on arollin'.
I would like to make 200,000 miles before any top side service. The key is fresh motor oil and low combustion chamber pressure as derived from light throttle pressure.
Good Luck with your choice in ignition system, for what ever you choose will be an improvement.
Happy Trails Beep Beep from Houston!!!
Donald, El Cheapo
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