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Your VOM is probably an autoranging unit but you are looking to monitor a value that normally oscillates from around 0.2 to 0.9 VDC with a period lasting several seconds. It can be monitored between the elctrode output lead and ground with and without the electrode connected to it's connector in the FI harness. I generally see equivalent results either way when everything is up to snuff. A heads-up clue as to the functionality of the electrode is how the idle changes when it's unplugged. If there is no change whatsoever when it's unplugged, it's output has probably dropped below the point where the default mode takes over. This should store a code in the OBD but I don't know if it trips the Check O2 Sensor light on your car. If you are at an integral multiple of 60K, it's probably just the idiot light reminding you to have it checked.
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