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300TE transmission slipping- help!

I have a 89 300TE with 155k miles, trans replaced at 100k with rebuilt (not by dealer). I bought the vehicle 18 months ago, and have had no troubles (with the tranny anyway) until recently. Last week I started noticing a slight delay as the car shifted from 3-4. Now it's more noticeable, although not always consistent, and I'm begining to feel it in 2-3. The shifts seems to be slightly softer, and the delay between coming out of 3 and going into 4 is less than a second, but it's noticeably different than the previous good quick shifts. I changed the fluid two days ago, everything appeared normal- no discoloration or material in the pan. My next step is to take it to a transmission expert, since I'm an hour away from the nearest MB dealer. Any thoughts or recommendations would be much appreciated.
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