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Hi everyone,
I was commenting on another thread about my progress with fixing the cruise control. Originally the cruise did not work at all... so after doing some tests I thought it was the amplifier.
Well after replacing the amplifier with a rebuilt one, the car began to surge once engaged. Usually it doesn't slow down.... it speeds up past the set speed, coasts for a little while, and then speeds up again.
I've talked to a number of local techs and my responses have been that it could be a vacuum leak, a bad shut-off valve on the injection pump, or a bad actuator.
What do you guys think?? Do you think the speed sensor could be an issue? Any ideas of how to narrow down the culprit? The actuator is like $356, the shutoff valve is like $76, and I don't know about the speedsensor.
Some info. on the vehicle and system are the following:

10 pin amplifier with old Vacuum Motor Actuator
616.912 engine
123.123 chassis
81 240D

The guy at the shop said he could test it... 1 hour min. or $100 min. (I wish they would just give you a price instead of minimums...)

Everyone's input is very much welcome... I could really use your help, experience, and expertise.


PS: I am going to post this in the diesel forum as well since I think it applies in both arenas
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