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Hopefully they are working on some kind of additive that can solve this problem

Actually they use kerosene or regular petrol to thin diesel fuel where the climates get really cold. Another solution is move to Arizona or Southern Calif :p

The OM603 engines seem to warm up a lot faster thanks to a fuel heater, I believe that is one major change that MB adopted for the diesels starting in 1986. My '87 has a block heater and I haven't had to use it yet. BTW I have had to use the block heater on my 300TD when we drove to Texas in December! I remember one trip in my NA '79 300TD, that was before I had a turbo engine dropped in it, it was really hard to start in 15 degree (F) weather in West Texas and the neutral sensing switch failed and I was under the car banging on things trying to get the starter to engage brrrr.
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