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clear blinkers/turn signals

hi crowe,

i had the euro light conversion done last september.
i really didn't like the amber corners, so why change everything,right?

i got excited and found some on e-bay [about$60]from in-pro or something like that. i was anxious so i ordered them.
they came in, they didn't fit quite right, BUT they were clear.
my car is white.i think they look cooler and show up better on any other color. IMHO.

i noticed the rubber starting to crack on one, i thought what's up here. i have been trying to search my records to see who they came from exactly and get a new pair.[warranty claim]. then i'll re-sell them on e-bay.

i ordered some of the euro oem bosch CLEAR ones from a company overseas. even with the shipping charges they were still cheaper than beckers and performance auto.

the bosch ones fit better and have a much more quality look.feel,and finish to them. they are NICE

i also am now running clear bulbs in them instead of amber.
it really looks nice w/ the city lights.

my 2 cents worth...
*92 400e 124.034, SOLD

*92 300e 124.030, SOLD
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