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Don't know if I can provide specific advice here. I can relate to the joyriding; my dog Cooper (considers himself the owner of the wagon while I provide driver services) and I went for a joyride today as well. I don't do that very frequently but I must do it more. Anyway, the wagon is very structurally sound, I believe, but every now and then if I hit a bump just right I hear a sharp crack noise in the left side of the body structure (like a rock has just bounced off the door or something). I'm not worried about it but I can't explain it. If it gets louder or more frequent I'll take it to the dealer (its a Starmark car) and have them look into it (although last time I had it to the dealer it took them 9 working days to find a broken wire so I'm not real sure they'd be able to find this). Anyway, keep up the joyriding,

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