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Hi all,
My mom's got an 86 W201 2.3. She called me the other day to say that her blinkers weren't working. I asked a couple of questions and then went to check on the car today. Here is what I found...

With engine running there is power to both sides of the #11 fuse (fuse box cover sez that's the one that handles the hazard and blinkers) but no blink. No sound from the relay either. Since it's NOT working, I cannot locate the relay from the click, click, click sound it would normally make. Where is this little beast located?

In my '89 300E (W124) and in my wifes' '92 W201 the relay is located in the area of the instrument cluster. Is that where I'll find this one too? If so, is this something a relatively decent "shade-tree mechanic" will be comfortable doing at home? I've never popped an instrument cluster out before...

Your help and advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Jay Yambrovich
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