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Ben, our 280s' share the same birthyear!!

I'm a Singapore citizen, and over here, hardly anyone owns a 500SEL and above. 280s' and 300s' are the norm, with the occasional 380. The reason is clear: we have road taxes on engine capacity that goes astronomically high, regardless of the car's age. Almost exponential it seems. So hard as I would like a 420 or 500, it is really beyond my means. It just doesnt make sense (cents!) to pay taxes more than the upkeep of the car itself. Sometimes I envy you other guys with your 500E, 500SEL and stuff like that.

Back to the original topic. Many thanks to everyone here who has gave a piece of their mind, it has really been a great learning experience. I have began to drive my 280SEL harder, and I am having fun! Too bad we do not have Interstates or Autobahns here, but when there is an opportunity, maybe I'll try Malaysia's North-South Highway.

Till then, all the best to everyone, cheers!!

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