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This time last year I drove our 190 SL 9,000 miles from Virginia to Alaska and back. Driving through Montana, which had no speed limit but now has a 75 mph speed limit, I ran the tachometer up to 5,000 rpms and asked my wife to video tape a few of the mile post markers as they flashed by every 30 odd seconds. I kept sort of hearing her in the background saying something about slowing down, and before I knew it I passed five Montana State Patrol cars parked one beside the other along the shoulder of the interstate. End of story.

Later when I stopped for fuel I mentioned this to the attendent and he said the troopers were looking for trucks with safety violations. BTW I averaged 23 mpg in Montana and Nebraska compared to 17 mpg the rest of the trip. I could cruise all day long and never had to slow down ... no traffic on the highway. Of course, there was NO traffic on the Alaska Highway that time of year either. The drive was spectacular. Its worth shipping your car over doing the drive. If you travel in April and early May you will be on the roads before the road-slugs (RVs) hit the highways.

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