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This is one of those situations that makes me sad. I wish I had a farm with a giant barn with space for all these orphans ...

Last week I closed a deal on a rust-free '73 280C with a siezed engine. It is now on its way from Arizona on a trailer. Today I looked at a '73 280 which supposedly had a good engine.

Actually a better car than expected: all there, good chrome and glass, new floors, good interior parts. Engine complete and original. Not greasy, newer carb, new plug wires, cap, etc. Oil on dipstick looked OK.

Fired it up and the engine seemed to miss and exhaust smelled rich. Oil pressure good. Blow-by not excessive. Pulled plugs and all were sooty. #5 was wet with oil and obviously not firing. Checked compression and it was 110-120.

Question. Is the low compression and #5 problem likely to be valves and seals, in which case I would consider making a low-ball ($200) offer? Or is it likely to involve rings, in which case I walk?

Thanks in advance for opinions.

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