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Need advice, 4matic or Audi Quattro?

Looking for a winter vehicle, New England snow. I absolutely HATE SUV's so my only choice is an AWD car. I have narrowed it down to either Audi Quattro A8 or Mercedes E430 4matic (E500 if they exist in 4matic).

Hopefully I can get some opinions here, preferably without flaming. I really have heard some nightmare stories about Audi as a company in general and I am really steering towards the E class. Although the E class does not have the best reputation either, I think it would still be better than the Audi. I will probably buy a 1998 - 2000 depending on price.

So how is the E class 4matic in the snow? Can anyone provide a comparision between the AWD of the 4matic versus the Quattro? Is the 4matic all time AWD, or is it more of a 4 wheel traction control?

Thanks much guys!
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