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Problem solved...Sort of...

Hi Richard et al., This weekend,I got down to business, followed your instructions re: the needle seat on the carb. Removed the carb and checked it. Fund nothing out of the ordinary there. Unlike the Jaguar version of the Stromberg, mine has a "fuel shut-off solenoid" screwed in to the needle seat (as opposed to the plain brass screw) and the wire lead to it was frayed, so I replaced it with one from an older Stromberg I had got with my parts car.

Also, upon removing the water choke "coil" mechanism,I noticed that the coil was slightly sprained, so I replaced that as well and put everything back together.

One of these two things must have been the problem because the car starts up and runs without dying.

HOWEVER, I'm getting LOTS of smoke now. My garage was filled with whitish/blueish smoke that seemed to be coming out of the front end of my exhaust pipe (near the catalyst/resonator area) I could see it smoking down behing the carb area on the passenger side.

I will try and give it less choke and see if this helps, but I'm worried to drive it like this and unless you guys can give me any guesses, I'll call the mechanic tomorrow.

Thanks again for all your help. You've saved me a lot of money and bus fare.

1976 230.4 W115
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