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I just got my 190E 16V home. I drove back from Florida yesterday and had a rear tire lose the tread with catastrophic results. The tire disintegrated and damaged the beautiful body kit in the rear of the passenger side :-(
I hope the insurance will cover the repairs.
Anyway, the car is absolutely beautiful and I'm happy with it, however it does have a couple of issues (besides the damage by the exploding tire). These are a shudder/noise when the brakes are applied, particularly noticeable in hard stops from higher speeds (60-80mph). I also hear a noticeable whine or "singing" that appears to come from the differential and changes as the car accelerates and disappears when I lift the foot from the accelerator. The noise seems much more pronounced now than when I first drove the car Saturday night. I've made an appointment with the local MB service but the soonest they can see me is April 6, nearly a month waiting list!

Anyway, I would appreciate all helpful info or suggestions. I do own a couple of other cars (the old 190D is on standby ;-)) so I have alternate transportation. I also fully expected to spend some $$ on this car as I bought it sight unseen, but I definitely want to limit my pecuniary hemorrhage if you al know what I mean ;-)

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

BTW, I've gotten many compliments on the car. It really looks and runs quite good.
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