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Thanks for looking!
I have an intermittent no-start problem with my new to me 93 300E 2.8. It has the later (I think) engine in it with no distributor, 3 coils, plugs and coils underneath cover in valve cover.

It will occasionally fire and die when cranked and then will not start for a while. Happens more often when warm or hot, but has happened when cold. Usually will start after a LONG crank if you press accelerator to the floor allowing more air in. When it starts this way it runs ROUGH for 5-10 seconds and gradually smooths out. Has never quit while running. When stopped at light, after about 5-10 seconds starts to vibrate a little, like idle is too low.

There is proper pressure on the fuel rail when it will not start, within 2-3 psi of normal operating pressure.

Thanks for any suggestions where to look. Can't find anything in the MB CD-ROM manual.

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