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Yeah Robby, after I replied to Benzmac I got in my car to go home and discovered that the humming is not quite as noticeable at highway speeds and you hardly notice it with the radio on. I still will have it checked out. It might be worth it to fix it.
Another good thing is that the tires I "had to buy" in Jupiter, FL. are actually rated as good tires. I've spoken with my Miata guru and he said I'll be happy with the Fulda "Extremo" tires that I bought, Apparently they are good German made tires comparable with the Toyo T1, Yokohama AVS sports, etc. I probably could have saved $50-$100 if I had shopped around or got mail order tires, etc. But at $450 out the door in Jupiter Fl, Sunday in an emergencey, I think I did well ;-)
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