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I rarely use my CD Rom, but I like it only because it has information that I don't have in my books. I only have the Mercedes Chassis 2 Book set, the 617.95 engine manual, and the Maintenance manual. I had some trouble seeing stuff also, but I think I experimented with different resolutions, and page size and was amazed at how much I could change the photos. It is nice to print out pages, and take them outside to get dirty, instead of my nice books.

BUT, I have noticed many important pages are missing on my CD, especially the key for the electrical section. I can't believe the pages are sideways in that section. I hate the electrical section frankly. I find it very confusing.

I am still searching for that often mentioned but never seen "Troubleshooting Section" that my paper manuals refer to. If anyone has come across it please tell me where it is.

My CD was given to me by the Parts manager at the local dealer so I can't really complain.
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