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The technique on the Stern website is the one the dealer was going to charge me $40 per headlight to use! It reads a lot more complex that it actually is. I used a large section of cardboard for my aiming target. (I didn't want to be cited for graffiti on the shopping center walls ) I marked a spot on the center of the cardboard. After I measured the distance between the centerpoints of the headlights (46"), I divided by 2, and marked a vertical line that distance out from the center on each side ( vertical lines on each side 23" from the center). I measured from the center point to the ground (26" on my Sportline car), and marked a horizontal line through each side of the cardboard 26" off the ground. This gives the center mark for each headlight. Marking another horizontal line 2.1 - 3 inches down from the headlight center points gives the aiming point.

The target should look like this:

+ -----0----- +

where each + sign is 23" from the 0, and 26" above ground. Each -_- symbol is 2.1 to 3 inches lower than the + symbol.

Using the target is easy. Find a flat lot 25' from a wall. Park perpendicular to (facing) the wall. Put the target against the wall in front of your car. Stand behind the car with a vertical pole. Site through the pole so that the pole, rear star, and the hood star are all in line. Have a friend move the target so that the center mark on the target is on that line. Tape the target to the wall and aim per Stern's directions. Basically, your headlight beams will look like this ___/___/. The object is to get each _/ intersection on the -_- mark directly below the + mark. The beams are really collimated, and proper aiming is a lot more critical than US headlights.


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