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Ummm yeah $600 for a tool to change the springs? I could understand the expense if you are a tech and are charging people to install springs, but if you are just the average Joe DIY'er like many of us are, its cheaper to take it to a tech.

My tech will charge me $40 per wheel, and only 3 hours total to do it.

To me that is a hell of a good deal, and I don't have to risk taking my head off by a flying spring.

Plus the two tools you mentioned that I don't have, would easily cost the same price as me getting springs installed 5 times at my tech.

$600 = roughly 4 spring installs
Impact Wrench - Lets just say $150 because I have no idea how much one actually costs.

But lets see the pics of the car, I'd like to see how it came out.

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