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It it's not one thing it's another.....

I finished the AC stuff on the TE last night -- good vac, held all day yesterday, pumped down for four hours on a new receiver/dryer, charged it up, took it for a test drive and to put some fuel in it.

It's been sounding a bit "throaty" if you know what I mean, I thought it was probably gonna need a muffler in the next year or so (Mom only puts about 6000 miles a year on it).

Ha, it got a LOT louder on the highway and something started dragging in the back -- sure enough, the front muffler has rotted out and the rear pipe was dragging on the road. REar pipe has holes in the top, and there is a lot of loose rusty stuff sliding around in the muffler, too. Toast.

I ordered the mufflers today, will install tomorrow night.....

That car is LOUD with no mufflers!

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