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Injectors are back. D BIG hold up on replacing them all is I broke one of the dust shields and the whole project is on backorder because they ( MB ) can't find any. A $2 part. SO we wait. If anyone is doing this be EXTRA careful when you take the dust shields out, they are quite brittle and will break easily. Take one of the seals and cover one side of it with electrical tape, trim the tape to fit the seal, put it back in the injector hole and use a vacum to clean out any dirt that will / may fall in there. Do this before you pull the dust shields to keep crap from falling into the combustion chamber. YUK. You may have to hold the seal in there with a long thin screwdriver while sucking out D dirt.
All injectors where quite dirty with heavy ( formations, not sure just what the triminalogy they used for heavy dirt deposits is ???), they cleaned up well and have been re-assembled , adjusted, tested and ready to blow fuel.
Everything on hold till MBUSA come thru with the part.
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