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Maybe You can help

Greetings Bill,

I had recieved a response on another post about injection timing and the person said the following.

The "dreaded drip tube" method in the manual calls for one second per drip. In fact, the ideal is 19 second per drip. M-B mechanics are trained to target at 10 seconds per drip up to as close to 19 as possible. If this sound like a lot of difference is isn't all that much, really. Also, be sure you do not have much timing chain stretch. No more than 5 degrees off spec. If the car has much over 100K miles, it is wise to change the chain and tensioner. After I did the foregoing and adjusted the valves, my 1977 240D with 170K miles ran like a top, faster, and much quieter.

Can this be right? The manual says one drip per second and I see this post that says this. I'd think there would be some difference if it were set this way. Any input as usual is appreciated.

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