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Rear Bumper Cover

Hey everyone. Has anyone ever had to change their rear bumper cover on a W123 (1985 300D Turbo)? I've tried a couple times. Neither me or my dad has been able to get it back on. I'm talking about both the plastic inserts that go into the chromed bumper, and the rubber piece that covers the bumper itself (the 2 plastic parts slide into the rubber) We've tried sliding the plastic inserts in the rubber and then trying to line up the hooks on the plastic into the holes in the bumper, but it never lines up correctly. We've also tried inserting the 2 plastic pieces into the bumper, then smearing the rubber piece with soap to reduce friction (we also tried silicone oil) and sliding it onto the plastic, but that didn't turn out so well either. We could cover one plastic insert, but the other one on the other side of the bumper would pop off. Anyone have any input? Should we just take it into the shop? Sorry if that's hard to decipher, tell me if I need to be more specific or anything like that. Thanks

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