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Your model has a pulse code retrieval system built into the diagnostic plug.
Under hood, in front of battery, 2" square black plastic plug. [ should have a lift off cap.].

There is a small button on top . [ this , when pushed in,will light a red Led next to the switch and get you the codes]
The process is:
1- turn key to run position [ don't start eng. ]
2-press led button and hold for 2 seconds. Release and wait . The comp will send back a sig to the light.Count # of flashes.
3. Repeat 1 & 2. The next flashes will be a higher #.
4. When the first # repeats , you have gotten all stored codes.
If you get a single flash, there are no codes.
If , after retrieving a code, you want to erase it, hold button approx 8 seconds after each code display.
If you post your code findings, I'm sure someone will then be able to help you. If you need the code listing, email me direct and I will send it out.
Keep in mind that this button, being internally wired to pin #3, only retrieves the emission system codes. [ which is hooked into the ck eng light]
I believe you can also get other codes with a led by
using the other plug sockets. If anyone has them, I would
like that list]


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