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I took out my glovebox, and the little motor sits right there on the right, ya really can't miss it. It's got a electric plug-in and a rubber line which goes to the temp sensor.

Here are my findings: The visible portion of the rubber hose is intact. The little fan blade on the motor is spinning. However, when I take the rubber hose off, I don't feel any suction at the motor inlet. I also don't feel any suction at the temp sensor end of the hose....but again, the motor visually works. Finding #2: When I take the hose off the temp sensor and blow hot air into it with my mouth, makes no difference in what the A/C does. Setting is on auto and on cold.
Finding #3, when I take the A/C off auto and put the blower speed on high, it works like a charm after it gets cold...almost to the point where it's too cold and have to put on low blower speed.

Any ideas?
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