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Greetings all,

I am sharing some info as well as requesting some as well. I always felt I had a severe case of blowby because the air filter seemed to be saturated with oil. Through a little observation and common sense, I hope, I seemed to find leakage. I noticed after running the engine, on a 1980 300 TD station wagon for about five minutes or so that a thin line of oil or spit marks would appear in the vacuum tube coming from the pump. Upon removing the insert from the air filter housing I noticed that there was a steady oil dripping as well as only a oil fumes coming from the tube, and a lot less air pressure. Seems that some part of my pump has failed and has been sending oil to the air filter housing. Now for the question. I have an engine number 61791212059104 and I ordered a diaphragm repair kit from parts shop no. 0005864143 just wondering with all the choices they give if this is the correct repair part or is there something else that causes oil to bleed by the pump?


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