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Absolutely. Fix it, and for God's sake change your fluid and filter. Have your tech flush the entire tranny, several times. Also flush the torque converter. Get all the crud out. Does the fluid smell burnt?
If the only parts that need replacing are the clutches themselves (soft parts). it's not too expensive. But if the metal parts are scored (hard parts)or have lost temper you might consider a rebuilt. Most techs can rebuild the present tranny for around $1800, but won't warranty past a year. I believe an MB remanufactured unit comes with a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty.
I have had similar discussions with my tech concerning my 300TE 4M 91MY w/ 69k mi. I experienced a problem where the tranny shifted down from 4th to third at highway speed. After checking out and finding OK all the control parts (vacuum modulator, bowden cable, kick down switch, and shift solenoid) he suspected the valve body. Pulled the pan and filter, cut open the filter to look at the screen and paper element and discovered a clogged paper element. Clogged I might add with clutch debris; chunks - not just dust/goop.
He flushed the tranny out twice, popped a fresh filter in, dumped some new fluid in and it shifts like a champ, and HOLDS it!.
The bad news is he doesn't think it'll last much more than 5k more miles. Ergo the rebuild or reman question.
Hope this meandering message helps.
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