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Anyone out there have an old 602 2.5 turbo Diesel engine, 1990 - 1993 124 chassis car, that is dead and would want to part with a simple little part that Mercedes USA cannot find? The p/n is 602-017-0150, dust shield.
It is a black plastic shield that is inserted into the Injector cavity before the injector is installed. It's a $2 part that has me on hold now for 11 days.
Anyone know what real harm there would be in not using one. That's my next step. Gotta get this ride going. This is kinda nuts.
Have called two dealers in my area, no one stocks this item as far as I know.
1993 MB 300D 2.5
2001 VW Jetta TDI 5 spd.
2001 new bug TDI 5 spd.
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