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Austin, Texas shop info needed.

Looking to have some work done that I cannot or may not want to do myself, and I would appreciate input from those in the know.

1.) Does anyone have input on Austin Fuel Injection and Perfomance Center on East 5th street? I have gotten some good feedback on them from Gas EFI guys, and in talking to the counter guys last week the place seemed to be a heads up shop. I am looking to have my 124/603 injecters cleaned and rebuilt if needed, as the car is starting to idle rough and smoke a bit on start up. They charge $20 per injector for labor, and IIRC approx $40 for Bosch parts per injector, if needed, the gentleman I spoke with had owned a 124/603 and indicated that normally parts were not required.

2.) Can Diesel Purge be aquired locally? I would like to try to run some through before I pull the injectors, but I would like to address this issue ASAP.

3.) I might be looking for an A/C shop to recharge my R12 system, and hunt for a possible leak. Might just be a small leak, as it ran fine for sometime after I bought it, but now the A/C is inop, the failure mode was suggestive of low refrigerant qty. The system has a sticker indicating it was charged with a leak detecting dye. (May just do this myself, as I have 7lbs of R12, and access to a manifold and vacum pump if I am lucky.)

4.) It appears the left front is out of alignment, (might just be that the P.O. ran the LF tire with low psi.) Any good alignment shops for Mercedes in the Austin area? 4a.) Most of the supsension was addressed by the P.O. but I am debating having the front A-Arm bushings replace, normally I would do this myself, but with the cost of a Mercedes Benz sping compressor, it seems it might make more sense to turn it over to a local shop. So I guess I am looking for a place have this done, or a place that might rent a quality spring compressor.

5.) A Co-worker with a E300 (124) is looking for a good Austin/Bastrop area transmission shop. (It sounds like the park pawl has grenaded or is not releasing fully.)

Sorry this is so long, but I gotta get this car back up to the fine runnign condition it was in when I bought it, or I am going back to running Japanes. (O' the horror!)

Your input is much appreciated. Mack Kamna
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