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Get yourself a MB or an Interstate battery. Both are good in my book. Interstate batteries are very long lived as are the NEW Mercedes batteries. Keep a trickle charge on it over the winter and forget about it.

To add to a previous post, yes Delco batteries definitely cannot stand periods of storage. I put a brand new Delco battery in my DeLorean this past summer and sure enough it was dead after the car sat for about six weeks! Took it back and the same result from the second one. Finally got fed up and switched to Interstate (should have done so in the first place).

I've had a Mercedes battery in our 450SL for two years now and it's been sitting most of that time. I unhooked the negative terminal and let it be. Went in not too long ago, just for kicks, hooked the battery back up and BANG! Fired right up! Dumb luck I guess. Those older MB batteries usually stink!
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