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Hey David, I am doing well; thank you.

If I may ask you: how many times does your buzzer buzz? My buzzer only buzzes when I get out of the car with my keys in my hand and the lights turned on...Does the US version buzz more often (like when you are not wearing your seat belt or something like that). If it only buzzes when the lights are turned on and you walk away with the keys in your hand, I do not see what the annoying part of that buzz is.

However, if you do want to get rid of that buzzing noise, I would solder/connect another noise to the wires going to the buzzer rather than connecting these to the E-brake beep.

I see that you removed your picture out of your signature again…You better cut the sea and parking lot out of that picture and post a picture that shows the cars only (120DPI max) to keep some speed in downloading the threads (I did that with my pictures on the web as well).

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