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Thanks guys, some good food for thought.

Randy, I will be talking to you pretty soon. I am still recovering from the broken leg, but the Docter hooked me up with an electronic bone stimulator, and I am finally healing like I should have been all along. Having been injured since May, things are really backing up, everyone of the cars/bikes has something that needs to be addressed. With over 750,000 miles combined on the three cars, I guess that should be expected.

I still have the 1984 190D (201/601) and 1987 300Dt (124/603 turbo), I am in the process of trying to figure out what I want to do vehicle wise. I would like to combine the fuel economy of the 190D, the features of the E300D with the hauling/towing ability of my truck. I am thinking a E300D 5 cylinder (124/602 turbo) with a reciever hitch and a quality trailer might just do the trick. I am also considering a VW TDI Golf, if the combined sale of the cars I have now would get me into a decent used one, and if it could tow what I need to pull. Lots of thinking to do, and numbers to cruch.

Time to get busy. Thanks, Again Mack

PS. My long suffering erratic laptop has finally kicked the bucket, so I may be slow to reply to the forum and emails.
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