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To Benzmac and YMsin,

Just made a trip to my mechanic today. He test-drove my car, and as usual, the spoof-spoof phenomenon happened again.I asked if it was the fuel pump working its "magic", and he said impossible. In his words, "if the fuel pump is faulty, you cannot even drive the car!" Well, makes sense, unless someone here can tell me that there is such a thing as partial-faulty-ness, meaning the fuel pump operates fine until 3500RPM and above, where it starts to fail. Guys, any comment on this?

Maybe I'll post a separate thread on this.......

YMsin, I checked with him too, and he said that my car does not have a idle control relay (aka OVP-Overload Voltage Protection Relay).

Thanks again, will let everyone know the progress.


PS.YMsin, you mentioned your dad's car had the same problem. Does the spoof-spoof set in only at 3500RPM and above? And works perfectly fine under 3500?

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