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I have a '98 C200 Sport. I think this is the same as the Sport package in the US; in Europe it is one of the four lines in which the '93-'00 C-Class was made available (Classic, Esprit and Elegance being the other three). In essence it includes uprated suspension, sports seats, and faux carbon fibre interior trim.

My car has a black dashboard and black cloth trim (there was no colour choice with the Sport line). I know that cloth seat trim must make you guys in the US laugh, but you don't get any spec on a Euro-MB.

I have been thinking about installing a leather interior. I reckon I could do the rear seat bench, backrest and head restraints easy peasy and the front seats (manual adjustment) pretty easily. Then there are the rear door trim panels, which shouldn't be difficult, save that my car has manually operated rear windows.

This is the cause for concern: my car has front side airbags. Is it possible to change the door trim panels for vehicles so equipped? Is it difficult? Or should I leave well alone?
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