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Funny you should mention that


Funny you should mention this as I just did my carpets and mats yesterday. You have to trust me on this one, because I've used this stuff on several vehicles with great success. I used a pressure washing solution called engine degreaser made be Campbell Hausfeld, sold in a gallon jug by Wal-Mart in their automotive section. I removed the carpets, sprayed the degreaser on the carpet using a spray bottle let it sit on carpet about 10 minutes, ran a scrub brush over the real oily sections then actually used a low pressure washer on the carpet to rinse it. You can probably use a hose sprayer if you like. The grease or oil just comes to the surface and it does no harm to the carpet color and contains no petroleum products that would leave a oily residue. The carpets look like new. For less than $6.00 you can do all your carpets and your engine as well. Please ensure you either let your mats dry completely before reinstalling them, or to speed the process I used the wet vac to absorb most of the water out of the carpet, and air dried it overnight. Worked like a charm and haven't found anything else that will actually get all the dirt and oil out of a carpet, most still leave a faint stain, this stuff won't.

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