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Originally Posted by MS Fowler
I think you named ALL the independent Mercedes mechanics in Bel Air. I've used Dietz but my friend swears out by Cignatta. This car has been maintained by Cignatta. In fact most of the mileage for the last 5 years has been to and from the shop for the oil and filter changes.
I've never been to Dietz but have heard they're good.

I have dealt with Dennis [cignatta] and he has worked on the 123s for years. I call him "Dr.Dennis"-sounds/looks like a doctor. However-Dennis reccomends ATF in the power steering, uses any kind of anti-freeze and a couple other things that disagreed with what I've read here on this forum. I am not saying he doesn't know what he's talking about. To the contrary he is well respected and has many, many hours of wrenching on these cars. And, quite frankly, I do like the guy. we just bump heads on our views sometimes.

I'd say if Dennis has maintained it, go talk to him about the car. he'll be honest with you about the repairs he has made and I'm sure would mention any kind of foreseeable repairs and give you his honest opinon of the car.

I take it since you have used Dietz they're good as well? what is their hourly rate? Cignatta is $70/hour. And is Dietz on Bel Air[or should I say "blair"] road just below Mountain Rd.? I believe that is what I was told but am not sure and haven't looked it up in the phone book yet....

BTW, I live in Fawn Grove and have an antique shop on Rt.851 just west of Md. rt.24 so stop up sometime and I'll show ya my latest ride I found a nice 300td recently.


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