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Well I removed mine, but I did switch some valves around after it was installed

Super Turtle is a nickname for an SD.

Well, you either have the single diaphragm, double diaphragm, or piston vacuum pump. Do you know which pump it is?

The repair kit for the single diaphragm pump which is the pump I think you are describing should have both a new diaphragm, and valves. I believe under the little rectangular plate you will find the valves under some springs, once again watch which way they are facing when you open up everything.

Then undo the smaller bell, and you should find the diaphragm.

Just matchmark all the stuff you take off, to reassemble it correctly.

The double diaphragm pump is the same except it has the same set up on both sides of the pump.

The hardest part was removing it from the engine, because I had trouble accessing some of the allen head bolts.

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