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Ms fowler--Ya never know who you'll met on the net!! Henry is a long time friend of mine and lives not far from here-Jarrettsville to be exact. I've got pics of us together as kids. I'm assuming you bought your 240d from Dietz? I think thats what you were saying. I have very little done at the shop but Dennis [Cignatta] did do a center support bearing on my '85td. I know a guy here in town that had Dietz do his tranny rebuild and said he does a good job.Cignatta was refered to me by a friend that has a '47 right hand drive Rolls Royce and has had Dennis work on it. Last time I stopped by Cignattas he was working on a Morgan that had been in a flood. You never know what you''l see in Dennis' shop. I'll be by there today as I'll be down that way and always stop in his shop to see what he's working on.

Once again, stop by sometime. I'm a mile and a half from the spot where 24 dead ends, west on 851, pass the schools and I'm on the right. Big 'antiques" sign in the back of an old manure spreader with the shop being in the upstairs of my big red barn. I'm in/out a lot during the week-I am a full-time restorer-but am always open 10-5 Sat.-Sun.-closed on holiday weekends -memorial , labor, and Thanksgiving usually. Would love to have you look over my 300td. My wife laughs at my obsession with old MBs and it would be nice to talk to someone who appreciates them as much as me.AND knows how hard a good one is to come by.

Sixto, I was afraid of this--another oil thread but- if you search here you will find that ATF should NOT be used in the 123s. The ATF the book reccomends is TYPE A, not available anymore [but I do have an old qt. lying around]. ATF has been reformulated in the last 20 years and WILL eat up seals in the pump. I speak from experience. Put ATF in one of my other 123s and within a month the pump seals were leaking. Ran it that way for a while until the leak was so bad I couldn't drive it. Started searching here for rebuild procedure and found ATF to be incorrect as others have had the same problem. Larry [Bible] mentioned when rebuilding pump to look for grooves on the shaft. Sure enough, grooves on the shaft of mine , rendering it useless. Larry said pumps that are run on modern ATF will have the telltale grooves. I've been running regular power steering fluid in my 123s with no ill effects as have many others. Please search here and please don't put ATF in those 123 pumps.


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